A little bit about me…

I have been known to alphabetize my CD collection.
Katie Archbold Andrs_about me
Yes…I still own actual CDs.

I truly enjoy cleaning out my closet, and have never met a label maker I didn’t like.

I am also an artist, singer, dancer, dreamer and creative soul.

Which is why I am the ideal person to help you in YOUR business. I have organizational sensibilities with a creative heart. The perfect mix of right and left brained. Analytical and Visionary.

I understand your business, your passion, your mission. I get you, and I get your business.

And I can also get things done.

Born and raised in Long Beach, CA, after graduating from the University of California, Berkeley with a degree in Mass Communications, I moved to New York City to pursue musical theatre. I performed in some awesome theaters, met some of my best friends, and now have the Big Apple to call my second home.

I also learned I’m really a California girl at heart, so eventually made my way back to the West Coast. But not before living for 13 months in the wine country of Argentina. I spent the year traveling, teaching English, working in a boutique winery, and basically loving every second.

For the last few years I have worked as an Executive level assistant in the academic and medical fields. I also completed a year long counseling training program through the Interchange Counseling Institute in San Francisco.

I now live in with my husband and daughter in the San Francisco Bay Area. In my free time you can find me cycling, doing yoga, and eating my way through this beautiful city.

Pretty eclectic background, huh?

All of my experiences have taught me to be to be flexible, to adapt, to learn things quickly, and to think outside the box.

I’ve also learned the importance of following your passion and doing what you love.

And I want to help YOU do just that. I want to support you behind the scenes so you can focus on what you do best.

Think of me as your right and left hand. Your virtual maven who can take your ideas and figure out how to make them work. I have a knack for organization, details, and can juggle multiple projects at once. In fact, I thrive in that environment.

If you’re ready to move to the next level in your business, and free up the space and mental energy to do what YOU love, than let’s connect.

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