Everything Is Figureoutable

by Katie on February 20, 2014

“Everything is figureoutable.” – Marie Forleo

Everything is figureoutable. That may be one of my favorite phrases. Especially this year as I take on new projects, try new things, and stretch myself mentally and emotionally. Everything can be figured out. This has been my mantra.

We are so fortunate to live in a time when we literally have an extensive library at our fingertips-the internet! Google and YouTube have been my teachers, my manuals. Need to figure out how to reinstall an operating system on your laptop (as I did a couple of months ago), just Google it! It’s amazing how much information is out there.

This phrase will get you through some of the darkest moments as well. Because it not only applies to learning new skills and tasks, but also to the big life stuff. The stuff that keeps you up at night. When you are faced with anxiety, stressed out and overwhelmed. Know it will all be okay. You will figure it out. You will prevail.

How will you create a blog with no prior experience? You will figure it out.

How will you manage building a business while working a full-time job? You will figure it out.

How will you have time to raise a family and go back school? You will figure it out.

Don’t hold back because fear tells you that you won’t be able to do it, that you don’t have the time, or lack the resources. If you really desire something, want to learn a new skill, or are offered the opportunity of a lifetime, you are fully capable of figuring it out and succeeding.

And remember, when in the process of figuring it all out, call on your support system and ask for help when necessary. You will figure it out, but that doesn’t mean you have to figure it out all alone. Support is invaluable here. Ask for guidance. From your friends, family, and inner guide.

It might take time, patience, and digging deep, but you will figure it out, you will learn how to do it. You are more resourceful than you think. More inventive, more capable. When you doubt your abilities and feel like giving up, remember that everything is figureoutable. Let this be your mantra. You are going to thrive.

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