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Impulsive or Intuitive?

by Katie on July 18, 2017

Every weekend my husband and I take a ridiculously long time deciding where we want to go for lunch. You’d think we were making some life altering decision.

Picking out paint colors gives me anxiety. And it took me forever to decide which shower curtain liner I wanted in the bathroom (Clear or white? Plastic or fabric? So many choices!).

Most of the time I can be pretty indecisive. And yet. When it comes to the big stuff. The really big life decisions, I somehow become incredibly clear-sighted.

Several years ago I was living in New York City and decided I wanted to live in South America. Four months later I was on a plane to Argentina.

Jeff and I were married in the first venue we visited. I knew it was the right place before we even got there.

After deciding we needed a second car, we bought the first car we took for a test drive. When we moved back to Southern California, we rented the first apartment we toured. And most recently, we just closed on a new home—after one day of in-person house hunting—in a new city we’d been to a handful of times.

Some may call this impulsive, or rushing into things.

But what if it was being intuitive instead? What if it was tapping into an inner guidance system. An inner voice that always knows the next right thing.

I am so guilty of always asking for other people’s advice and opinions. Often I wish someone would just tell me what to do. This can be helpful at times, but really only you know what is best for your own life. If you allow yourself to actually trust yourself, you often already have the answer.

Of course, I always do my homework before making a big decision. I research the heck out of a topic so I am prepared. This is where asking for people’s reviews and experiences can be really useful. I am ready and know exactly what I want when it’s time to sign on the dotted line.

But I also check in with my intuition. My gut feeling—there is either a sense of excitement which means go for it, or a sense of dread which means I should run for the hills. The butterflies in your stomach and expansiveness you feel when you’re making a big decision carry a lot of wisdom.

Even the experiences that didn’t go how I thought they would still taught me what I needed to learn. They may not have turned out the way I expected, but they led me to where I needed to be. And I wouldn’t change that.

Have you ever made a “rash” decision? Instead of it being considered impulsive, could you have been listening to your intuition instead?


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