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My Intentions for the New Year

by Katie on January 2, 2017

Happy 2017! For the last couple of years I have chosen to set intentions, rather than resolutions for the New Year. I prefer to have an overall focus for the year ahead rather than specific goals. For me, it provides deeper meaning and connection to what I really need.

And bonus, intentions don’t require a gym membership.

I don’t have a fancy way of figuring out my intentions for the New Year. I usually go with what speaks up the loudest. Often what shows up isn’t necessarily the easiest or most comfortable, but they are what is necessary.

So here goes. My Intentions for the New Year:

1. Trust and Faith

I am expecting my second baby any day now. I am excited and nervous. Overwhelmed and overjoyed. I really have no idea what it will be like with two little ones. Let alone two little ones under the age of two.

Thankfully I have many friends who have gone before me down this road. They provide support and inspiration as I also start this journey. Many tell me the first year can be challenging. Wonderful and full of joyful moments as well, but also exhausting and full of learning curves.

As I don’t know what to expect, I am relying a lot on trust and faith at this point. Trust that I will figure it out, that I will know what to do. Faith that I will take it one day (one moment) at a time.

2. Be Seen

This is a tough one for me. As a self-proclaimed introvert, it is much easier for me to stay hidden in the corner. I avoid conflict, I don’t like to make people uncomfortable, and I have a tendency toward people pleasing.

But, especially in these times, it is more important than ever to make my voice be heard. Share my point of view. Stand up for what I believe in and for those who may not have a voice. I want to be of service, and use my voice with love and purpose. I have to show up and be seen to do work that matters.

3. Self-Care

Ugh. To be honest, these two words kind of get on my nerves. Maybe because I’m the parent to a toddler, so the idea of self-care is quite laughable at the moment.

I know I should cook more and eat more leafy greens, but most of the time I eat standing up, or scarf down food in between running after my toddler who has ketchup and applesauce all over her face.

I know I need to meditate more (or at all). And journal. And be more reflective. But, it just doesn’t happen. I know I should exercise more, but it is hard to do yoga with a toddler crawling on your back.

And sleep? I can’t remember the last time I slept soundly through the night. And I’m about to have a newborn so you know how that goes.

But self-care is still important and for some reason is showing up in this New Year as something I need to focus on. Maybe my version of self-care will just look different.

Instead of meditating for an hour a day, I can shut my eyes and breathe for two minutes. Instead of cooking elaborate meals every day, I can decide to cook one new thing each week (or once a month…). Instead of going for an hour at the gym, I can go for a walk outside, or do 20 minutes of yoga while my toddler is watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse on TV.

Instead of eight hours of glorious uninterrupted sleep, maybe it means going to bed just a little bit earlier. Or taking a nap when I’m tempted to clean out my closet and do the laundry. Maybe it means saying no to social obligations or commitments that don’t really serve me. And getting more comfortable with asking for help when I’m overwhelmed.

Self-care can evolve, and is still worth pursuing even while caregiving. In fact, it is even more essential.

Now, over to you: What are your intentions for the New Year? Wishing you a happy, healthy, prosperous, and fun-filled 2017!


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Emma January 3, 2017 at 10:47 am

THANK YOU for this – I love the idea of intentions versus resolutions; and I love how you put everything into a real perspective, especially as a fellow mom who has to let guilt go once in a while, specifically for self-care. You’re an inspiration! So grateful for your blog entries, they are so well written and meaningful. Not many people can truly leave an impact, and your words always do! Happy New Year to you and yours Katie! xo


Katie January 3, 2017 at 4:15 pm

Thank you Emma! You inspire me! I’m learning how important self-care is, especially as a Mom! Letting go of guilt is tough, a process for sure but worth it. Happy New Year to you. Lots to celebrate! xo


Diane January 3, 2017 at 8:15 pm

My intention for this year is to approach life with ease and flow. When I read all the challenges you have before you, I wish you ease and flow as you maneuver the currents on the sea of life. sending much love. Diane?


Katie January 3, 2017 at 11:49 pm

Thank you Diane! I like the sound of ease and flow. Sending much love. xo


Melanie werts January 3, 2017 at 10:23 pm

Happy New Year, Katie. I think if you focus on the “asking for help when you feel overwhelmed,” and better yet, BFORE feeling overwhelmed, you will do fine. And please count on me as one of the people to reach out to. I am here for you. XO Melanie


Katie January 3, 2017 at 11:52 pm

Thank you so much Melanie! That is great advice–asking for help before you feel overwhelmed! Thank you for your support. xo


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