My stop doing list

by Katie on May 29, 2014

Sometimes what you stop doing is just as important as what you start doing.

Sometimes it’s time to change the mindsets, behaviors, and assumptions that are no longer working (or most likely never worked in the first place). Sometimes it’s time to declare that enough is enough.


Here goes. My stop doing list:

  • Making decisions based on fear.
  • Wasting my time worrying about stuff that hasn’t happened.
  • Wasting my time worrying about stuff that has happened that I cannot change.
  • Feeling guilty for following my deepest desires.
  • Not advocating for myself.
  • Feeling unworthy.
  • Apologizing for speaking my mind.
  • Playing small.
  • “Shoulding” all over myself.
  • Second guessing my dreams.
  • Not listening to my intuition.
  • Settling for mediocre.
  • Waiting to get picked.
  • Using ‘I don’t have enough time’ as an excuse.
  • Focusing on weaknesses instead of celebrating my strengths.
  • Ignoring my creativity.

Phew, that already feels better. :)

How about you? What can you stop doing today?

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Emma June 5, 2014 at 2:10 pm

i found his particularly inspiring, and i think letting go of things that feel negative is such a surprisingly hard thing to do, especially if you fall into the “pleaser” category…but whether it’s a person, activity or frame of mind, knowing your “shouldn’t” list is really so freeing and important. thanks for the reminder! this email installment has been the most inspiring yet :) sing away!!


Katie June 6, 2014 at 8:58 am

Yes, it can be so freeing to stop doing the things that don’t serve you anymore. Leaves more space for the things that inspire and fill you up! xo


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